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Kassandra is a London-based award-winning multidisciplinary artist and multi-passionate person who through a journey of self-discovery found inspiration to channel the experience, texture, and voice of herself and her community into her craft.

For Kassandra, her work has become more than creating bold and unapologetic pieces; her story lives in what she creates. In 2020 her lightbulb moment came as she started to express her own voice in her work and using it to support other people in different mediums .

As a cultural and creative consultant working across visual arts, film, liveness and audio, Kassandra has curated an impressive portfolio working in collaboration with organisations

Kassandra has won The Jewel Award (2021), Art Council England Develop Creative Practice grant award (2021) , Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council 2021 Gold Award Winner.

Kassandra’s film - Gemstones: Lessons in Unconditional Love was officially selected for the London Independent Film Festival (2022)

Kassandra has been a visiting lecturer of Birmingham City University and Royal College of the Arts.


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Love & Home




Collaborative Project

Permissible Beauty

Female Gems (VoxPox)

Audio Project

KLG Fund

Black Jewellers Network

Culture Recovery Fund

Art Council England

KLG Survey

Black representation in the UK

jewellery industry:

A conversation about shared experiences, opportunities for change and the value of


Making Changes In Craft

KLG Social Research Report

My hair won't be silence

Vibe Pay


Black Jewellers Network

Opening doors and keeping them open

Engaging with the Global Majority and embracing difficult conversations

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contemporary art practice

public speaker

The last few years have had a huge impact on the world. We are living in an era of unprecedented change, where we are plagued with uncertainty, chaos and disconnection.

One of the biggest strengths for survival as humans is how we connect with others. Also how we need to lead in the time of change.

I can creatively work with any audience, culture and organisation.

My speciality areas are:

  • Women empowerment
  • Adornment and beauty
  • Creativity and collaboration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Diversity and Inclusion

We can innovate through the power of storytelling, creativity and authentic connection.

I cannot wait to make creative changes with you!

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public speaking


It was great having Kassandra

at our workshop which connects

young and adults together.

Kassandra was enthusiastic, relatable,

and honest during the workshop.

She articulated herself well and in a manner that young people understand.


See your Life (Director)

Always warm and welcoming,

Kassandra is a passionate and

engaging public speaker. Along with

her work in public speaking world and Comedy AM - she has also been a

guest speaker for one of my events.

With her ability to read the audience

and deliver every time, I would highly recommend her speaking events.


Employment Skills Officer

On the day itself it was her warm, composed, and authoritative public speaking skills that made the biggest impression - she left the attendees

with a real appreciation of the contribution they were making and a sense of gratitude that she wanted to convey to everyone involved.


Chief Marketing Officer

digital work


Love and Home Film

Tailor-Made Documentary


Building An Iconic Fine Jewellery Brand

Tailor-Made Documentary


word artist

Kassandra Lauren Gordon is a spoken word artist and has created poetry videos on her YouTube channel and has performed at poetry festivals and at headlined a poetry event at Stratford Royal Theatre.

Kassandra has performed on the central stage of the Wandsworth Arts Festival and the Croydon Mela festival. Kassandra has just taken part in the iDENT Festival. The iDENT Festival is a celebration of the wide breadth of the Black experience and diverse culture. It seeks to challenge stereotypes, dispel unconscious biases and stimulate conversation. The aim of the festival is to create a celebration of Black commerce, community, heritage and culture that is distinctly different from the ‘typical’ Carnival type events.

Kassandra is a poetry facilitator for Writerz and Scribez. Kassandra is part of the ‘Home is’ poetry collective.

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